3rd graders seek to punish their teacher!


3rd Graders plan an assault on a teacher? Hello, where are parents?


There are a few points to cover with this attempt at “soapBlogging.” It is quite possible I should call it soap-flogging, and a few parents and then the children should be in line for it, after that, all of us for being so ignorant! We have thrown out the baby with the bath water when it comes to this concept of moving forward as a human species. Seriously! We no longer care for our young. We believe that “they can walk and talk,” therefore they can care for themselves. Or rather the monitor, whether it is on a computer, a TV, etc., that is the Nanny in most homes! I am amazed at the number of functional people, hardworking people that do not understand that they are functional, successful because they had limits put on them when they were growing up, mostly in two parent homes. Most were limited as to the scope of what they were to watch, listen to, what they were allowed to experience and where they were allowed to go. Now, those children have grown up and they look at themselves in the mirror and honestly believe they can raise their children void of any intrinsic discipline like they themselves had. (Assuming these children’s parents were raised in a quality home environment) They somehow believe that if their mind and eyes can handle it, so can their 6 year olds. “Oh we watch CSI together, Johnny really likes it!” What? I have actually heard garbage like this. The number of first grade students that know more about horror flicks then I did astounded me!

So here is the point: Yesterday it was reported that children in Georgia got mad at their 3rd grade teacher for disciplining a fellow student for standing on a chair. As a classroom teacher it is essential to safe-guard your students, so the teachers response is seemingly rational. It is the irrational response of a group of 9 or so students to was to “take her out” is the big problem! They plotted, planned and were ready to deliver the punishment upon the teacher to the point of labeling it as a strong premeditated movie plot. Did you get that, a movie plot! When will we learn that children will imitate that which they are exposed and desensitized to? So they would trip her, knocking her down, hit her in the head with a glass paper weight, hand cuff her, tape her up…you get the drift. I am astounded!

Yes, there is talk of legal action. There is the possible long term suspensions, etc. How about long term counseling not only for the children, but the teacher who is going to need it? How about arresting the parents of the child that brought in the paraphernalia and failed to recognize that “Johnny” was bringing strange items into school? Doesn’t that make them an accessory to the crime? How about breaking up the little band of assaulters guaranteeing that they cannot communicate in any way with each other? Having been in the classroom that mob mentality will only grow, sad but true.

Now on to another point about all of this: It is time for the nation’s school systems to go to the same level of employment as postal workers, IRS employees, etc. Our schools are not safe, they are not equitable. Teachers work in a high stress zone, it is dangerous. Schools are more dangerous than most places of employment. They are daily in a hostile work environment. This cannot even exclude high performance suburban schools as we know with the Columbine incident. When teachers have to fear for their life by merely going to work they should be able to press the issue of hostile work environments and be protected by the laws that protect every other place of employment. But because there is such a varying degree district to district, state to state, the individual unions are in charge of protection. Because a teacher is only protected once they are tenured, they have no recourse. It is an unfair playing field, in many situations. The No Child Left Behind and its quasi-witch hunt approach has weakened the union voice, thereby weakening the teacher’s voice. The establishment of Charter Schools has limited the power of the union even more, white washing the problem. The Establishment of the Federal government to guarantee equitability not only for our children, but for our teachers is way past due. By placing our school systems under one umbrella, we have a better chance of safeguarding the delivery of education and protection for teachers and innocent students. Potentially making education fair and equitable, the time has come.

So it is time for there to be no variance in the delivery of education, or that benefit that one teacher has over another. It is time for teachers to regain their voice. It is time for parents to be parents and for children to be allowed to be children. They need to be free from those things that will distort and pervert the developing mind. We are heading down a path that will take a few generations to undo if we do not step up and demand change now!


What do Geraldine, a Madonna wanna be, a heiress, and a prostitute have in common?

Aside from them all being women?

What does a spoiled heiress a Madonna wanna be and a “broken home” little lady of ill repute have in common? Absolutely nothing! Yep, you got it, nothing, Except for the very thing that every woman has; the ability to sexually arouse a man. The very thing that identifies a human being as being a female is being certain biological attributes. Crudely put, T&A. Add in hormone producing organs, glands and there you have it. Please do me a favor, stop the madness. If you are over the age of 22, the age of the little, prostitute, then grow up and let it go. A inappropriately behave man sought pleasure in a woman that is the age of a girl he could have fathered. To me that is bordering on a form of pedophilia, it does makes me wonder. This little girl is going to be made rich off of paid for sex. The last I heard prostitution is a criminal act, immoral act, an act that is not looked upon in any culture as something to glorify. But as the new American way goes, do what you want today, grab the cash and tomorrow you will be held in high esteem. Whether it is a Miss America winner and her oral exploits on Penthouse, only to be elevated in a Very short time as a pop star, or a an intern to a president weeping on National television over her being victimized! WE glorify that which should be tarred and feathered and sent to a nunnery for future rehabilitation.

So now let’s really talk about women. When are we going to stand up and take what is rightfully ours? We sell out to the cheap imitation of woman-hood; we give over to 22 year olds what most of us have had to work our fingers to the bone for daily. We keep on selling out to men daily. Their lust, greed, weakness, only to weaken ourselves, we are the majority, but we act like the minority, we allow others to oppress us daily. The media is the biggest criminal in all of this. I have two more major issues to touch on to get the “soapblogging” bug out of my system.

“Former Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro stepped down on Wednesday from her finance position with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, a campaign spokesman said The decision came after Ferraro, the only woman to run on a major U.S. party’s presidential ticket, said Clinton’s rival, Barack Obama , would not be ahead in the Democratic presidential race if he was not black. Ferraro was a member of the campaign’s finance committee and raised funds for Clinton’s White House bid, the campaign spokesman said. (Reporting by Deborah Charles, editing by Lori Santos”)

Geraldine Ferraro made an inappropriate statement regarding Obama’s color, it is interesting and unfortunate. Ferraro was constantly referred to not as Senator Ferraro, or Democratic Candidate Ferraro, but segregated regularly as being a woman. Hillary Clinton is regularly being isolated as being a woman. If she were the front-runner (Senator Clinton) then the Obama camp would be weeping sad little losing tears over her being a leader because, she is a woman, and he is black and “yada, yada, yada!”

It is time, time indeed for us to stop segregated anyone based on their gender, age, ethnicity, etc. Can we honestly refer to Obama with a “race” label? Isn’t he as much Caucasian as he is African? We are all members of one race, we can interbreed, therefore we of different ethnicities, but not race. Can we please throw the race card away? I feel bad for Ferraro, I guess it is easier to perform criminal acts and get positive outcomes from the publicity then to make an ignorant comment. We must face the next 5 years of people backing down because we cannot be politically correct when we are facing a politically incorrect situation. We have candidates running, a woman and two men. Actually, we have three candidates. Who is the most qualified, the most in-tuned, the most willing to take on the next 5 years of our rapidly failing society? I am not sure, but when I know it I will reference them as President!

Geraldine, you might want to take lessons from the 3 femme fatales at the beginning of this blog, they know how to get out of all kinds of criminal offenses.

The next major issue dealing with women is the sad description of how to keep your man from cheating, by a self proclaimed dating guru was featured regarding the criticism of Spitzer’s wife not immediately dumping the dude. Now understand that part of the article was taken out of context, and does highlight what a man would do if his wife was caught with another man. (Can we please keep in mind that the Governor of New York spent on this prostitute what most New Yorkers make in a month!) http://www.Dontdatehimgirl.com suggests that a wife, please her man in the bedroom. Let him experiment, that men seek sex outside of marriage because they are not satisfied. Okay, she might be right, but how about respect? How about committing to a relationship and working through the inadequacies of each other? Women, it ain’t all about sex at home, it is about making the guy feel like he made the right choice! Security is the key, but that is another blog all together.

The truth is a man who pays $4,800! For a sexual encounter is an addict. There is little to nothing that can be done short of therapy. Let us also note the age of the little lady of ill-repute. I have daughters her age and if I knew that they were in a sexual relationship, paid or otherwise with a man of Spitzer’s age, I would hunt him down and let him know how borderline – pedophilic I thought he was. So, the truth of the matter is, what this all comes down to is further oppression and victimization of women against women, victimization of women by society, and victimization of women by men!