It is time for the Majority to have a voice, Gender wars rage on!

The Gender war rages on so it seems. Women are the majority in this country, globally, but yet we remain oppressed. It took until 1920 for women to even get the right to vote, in 1963 an equal pay act was put into place it wasn’t until 2007, that Nancy Pelosi elevated to Speaker of the House, and now we have a strong viable candidate running for the White House. We still are scrambling with issues of sexual discrimination. If you follow the link provided in this blog you will be able to see how we are still a part of a “meat market” so it seems. Oppression, subjugation of women, child abuse, pedophilia in the form of polygamy, (over 500 women and children recently were freed from bondage from the hands of a polygamist colony in Texas) and a decline in the job market for women over the age of 40 along with their incomes is soaring. Poverty amongst women is over 60%, yet their male counterpart is far less. The disparity for women of color is even higher. We have an opportunity to band together and to forge onward as a people and change the understanding of women in our society once and for all and we are contemplating putting another man in the White House? We can forge an alliance and make a strong, bold statement that women do have a voice we are not just T & A! I heard recently that women are out waging men for the first time in history, that is if you are between the ages of 25 and 32 and are single living in the bigger cities. Well, with that said, when you mix in the 25-32 year old women and the many 45+’ers then you end assuming all kinds of discriminations going on, all at the hands of the men who still control the outcome of far too many women. Why are we turning over our rights to yet another man? Hillary Clinton has one huge redeeming quality, (amongst many)! She is a woman! She is dynamic leader, one with experience, a voice, backing, intelligence, articulation, control, and a solid supporter of family. That is more than evident! I say it is time to take the “gender war” to a whole new level. It is time to take control of “OUR HOUSE.” After all who cleans a house, keeps a house better than a woman?



  1. 1dumblonde said,

    April 8, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    Hillary Clinton is a feminist who has done a lot for women and children, not as an afterthought but as a real activist. I am so glad to see your blog! You know Obama’s not a feminist in any real sense of the word if he can refer to children born out of wedlock as “punishment.” And I watched the YouTube video posted on feministphilosophers that just brought home how much the media has used sexist language to describe Clinton.

    I like her more and more, as my dislike for Obama grows. When I pointed out that he was part of a law school culture at Harvard that culminated (admittedly the year after he graduated) in the posthumous lynching of a murdered feminist scholar by the Law Review, I was told that was unfair to hold him accountable for what others did. He helped pick the people who succeeded him on law review. He sent out the invitations! He didn’t do it, but he was part of that culture of misogyny.

    We need a feminist president and Hillary should be the candidate.

  2. talkwithme2 said,

    April 8, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    I truly must say that it amazes me to the degree of ignorance we have with regards to the history of women in this country. We as a nation continue to subjugate women, oppress them and remove their strength as men divide and conquer in the name of “sex” and we allow it when that word in itself should be removed and relegated as barbaric. It is time to only reference the phrase “gender” as the word “sex” indeed is referencing an “action”

    There are many steps that we need to take to elevate women and remove this veil of fear that so many women have of those of us that have the where with-all to speak up. W.E.B. DuBois, a Harvard Graduate and the founder of the NAACP was originally embracing the women’s movement…I stay away from feminist, because unfortunately that equally segregates women and I embrace the women’s movement as it is all inclusive.. Anyway, I digress…DuBois embraced the women’s movement and believed in equal rights for all people. He distanced himself during the time of the Niagra Movement because women were segregating themselves. Black against white, rich against poor, educated against those who chose to stay at home…and so on. The biggest problem is that it has not changed. Women need to unite and remove this unfortunate demise globally against women. We can send a message to the world that we will no longer tolerate the obliteration of women’s dignity. Maybe our greatest global contender, will stop killing girl babies, do we see anyone standing up for that with as we see with Tibet? I know I got a little off topic, but it is all relative in the end.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. It is time to put a strong, able, ready, prepared, independent thinking, eloquent, balanced person into the white house.

  3. April 10, 2008 at 10:38 am

    Poverty has a woman’s face. Global prosperity and peace will only be achieved once the entire world’s people are empowered to order their own lives and provide for themselves and their families. Societies where women are more equal stand a much greater chance of achieving the Millennium Goals by 2015. Every single Goal is directly related to women’s rights, and societies were women are not afforded equal rights as men can never achieve development in a sustainable manner.
    I think its high time we all individually or collectively Stand Up and Take some action
    Regarding this.

    This will help all you people on this blog to do something along with the United Nations in your locality.
    Check this

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