Outsourcing the Family? The American Way!

As I was driving from Indianapolis to Cold Spring New York to spend a month long sabbatical this past weekend I was reminded of my life as a young wife and mother.  It was in that pause to remember that I realized a simple truth about what it is to be a wife and mother, a “homemaker” specifically in the 21st century.  It is daunting at best! What I learned from my experience as a “stay at home” mom is this.  No woman should ever be without her own income stream!  Why do I feel so strongly about that?  It is because of this; to have to ask a man, a spouse (in the event that you are a “homemaker” of the male persuasion) for money for anything. It is demoralizing really.  If a child asks his parent for a dollar to buy a candy bar, they run the risk of rejection.  Rejection is actually an oppressive tool.  To have to ask for money from a spouse puts them over the other spouse.  The one who makes the most money (in most cases) is the one that has the power.  That is the American way, the social model that we are set up on.  So this is how I see it.

At one time in our history a family as an organization had a purpose.  All the members of the organization worked together. They had to! No one ate unless they did.  No one kept warm, cool, hydrated, you name it.  There was a solid purpose to the familial function. Every member of the “organization” had a role and was reliant upon the other.  A man/husband relied upon woman/wife to feed him.  To prepare the food, the home, that was necessary in order to work outside the home in the field, sometimes being gone for days at a time.  Increasingly over the years as women have moved towards equality with men, self-sufficiency has been mandated.  No longer is it necessary to “make home” rather everything that a woman once provided for a man, creating an organization is easily “outsourced.”  If we look at the family as an organization which our Nation was founded, developed upon then we can see the breakdown in the family is equal to that of business. 

The American worker is no longer needed as much as before as it is more cost effective to bring work overseas to lower wage individuals.  So it is with the American family way.  We wonder why divorce is so high, adultery, internet pandering, superficial relationships, etc.  It is because all of the necessities of life are being met through outsourcing. 

The family is no longer an organization based upon need.  So with that I truly believe that it is necessary for every stay at home, “homemaker” to have an income stream so as to maintain balance in the infrastructure and keep up with the times so as to avoid, “outsourcing.”  We outsource our child raising, our house cleaning, our landscaping, gardening, laundry, sexual gratification (not cost effective at all if you look at current rates) even grocery shopping can be outsourced!  But the bigger question is this. Can we really afford the cost in the long run? In the mean time empowerment comes from the ability to walk up to the counter and pay for your own bottled water without having to ask for the money from your business partner.


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